Paul Carrick - Illustration Services Available:

Since 1993 I have been providing illustrations for publishing houses and private clients all over the world. My art has appeared in magazines, on t-shirts, on collectible game cards, in role-playing games, in the pages of a children's book, on CD covers..all over the place! Browsing through the galleries of this website should give you a good sense of the types of images I enjoy creating: moody, mysterious, otherworldly. Would you like me to create a painting for your product (cd cover , t-shirt, game... whatever you can imagine)?

Things to know before you contact me:
The more information about the project you can give me, the more accurate a price I can give you. Consider these things:
    •    What type of timeframe is there, any deadlines?
    •    Is the art to be published (if so, where?), or is it private?
    •    Are there size requirements?
    •    Color or greyscale?
    •    Will you require any copyrights to the image? (please see below about this)
    •    How complex is the image? Is it a grand battle scene, or a simple vignette?
If you are interested in commissioning some artwork, feel free to email me.
A few words about copyrights! I thought it would be worth mentioning a bit about this, as it may be new territory for some of you. Owning the physical artwork does not automatically transfer the copyrights to the image, the copyrights are still owned by the artist unless stated otherwise in the contract. A contract can be arranged to transfer some or all rights to the client, although it increases the fee. If you wish to publish the art in question, you may want to consider exactly what copyrights you'll need (do you really think you'll need all rights forever, or perhaps limited rights for a period of time, there are plenty of options to suit your needs). Contracts can always be amended if you decide that you'll be needing more usage of the image. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this.